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Hi, I’m Lil

I’m an accredited facilitator of both the Parent Hope Project (PHP) and Parent Confident Project (PCP); courses designed to equip parents to feel confident, recover leadership and to develop personal resilience and capacity, so parents can discover their own solutions. It’s based on key ideas and parent values rather than being prescriptive on what the parent should do. The parent learns to become a resource for their child’s growth in resilience, independence and emotional wellbeing.

I have over 22 years of clinical experience as a midwife at the John Hunter Hospital in the birthing, postnatal and home maternity services. My primary clinical interest has been in empowering parents to be all they can be, which starts with the first moment the new baby is placed in its mothers’ arms. Helping parents gain confidence to be all they can be is my passion to promote whole and healthy families so parents can fulfill their dream of raising resilient, successful and responsible young adults.

Mother of 3 beautiful children, my husband Adam and I have had our own personal journey of reclaiming confidence and leadership as parents. In facing parenting challenges associated with raising a child with autism and ADHD we’ve had to dig deep into ourselves as individuals and as a couple to find our way through the tough times. And I am so glad we did.  After years of seeking help and searching for the ‘right’ program I discovered the Parent Hope Project. It has significantly changed our approach to parenting which has led to positive outcomes for both our children and family as a whole.

As a result, I am passionate in helping parents to connect to all they can be as parents, knowing that it was this program that brought real and lasting change to my family. As I learnt to manage myself, specifically my own emotions and anxiety, (not my kids or husband’s), what is in my control and what isn’t, and how to role model the values and character traits most important to me, new and hopeful pathways emerged. Deep, loving and respectful connections grew within my family, as I gave my kids (and husband) the space they needed, to grow and develop in their own sense of identity, resilience and emotional maturity. New ways of ‘doing’ family and patterns of relationship have developed not only bringing relief, hope and joy to us, but also to the generations to come.

Lil Blundell
Shelby Brown
Hi, I’m Shelby

Hi! It’s Shelby here and I’m an accredited coach facilitator of the Parent Hope Project (PHP) and Parent Confidence Project (PCP). These programs aim to reframe parenting through self-awareness and discovering solutions through interactions unique to their own family and the parent changing only what is in their control.

As a wife to Ian,  and mother of 4 precious children, I’m enjoying the ever-evolving journey of parenting.

I am a dedicated teacher of 15 years and over this time, I have become passionate to not only assist children, but also their parents.  School and home can have a common goal, partnering together for the children to reach their potential.

Everything flows from the home. As a teacher, I see the value In taking a shared role of raising the next generation. The continual shifting culture demands social & emotional stability, as well as resilient character. This led to me having a passionate desire to support parents in strengthening healthy family bonds that ripple into the classroom and our future society.

Restore Parent Coaching promotes a holistic approach that empowers parents to positively influence their future. I encourage the parent’s ability in leadership to direct their family – implementing dreams and goals into the whole family unit.

This program focuses on the parent making a constructive change for both themselves and their child. We cannot always make our children do what we think is best for them, but we can develop a secure foundation for connection, which is the building block that leads to one being a respectful, responsible & successful person.

As a coach, I desire to equip parents with the tools, knowledge and opportunities for powerful parenting. To construct a better world for themselves, not a new one. I am keen to come alongside them to support and collaboratively construct possibilities, creating a platform for their family relationships to flourish.

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